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Magnetic lashes are a simple concept that will have you wondering why you haven't used them your whole life. Instead of fumbling around with sticky glue, these lashes make it easy to have an instant voluminous lash in minutes that can be reused over and over!

Once you get them, trim the ends to fit your eyes. We leave extra length. As you wear them regularly, you will get faster at applying them. We have found that wearing mascara helps. But you don't have to apply mascara like you normally would since you will have two lashes giving you the volume desired. With Snap & Go Lash, there is basically one false lash on top and one false lash on the bottom, then they click together over your natural lash.
  • 2 Full Strip False Lashes that clip together with magnets over the natural lash
  • Tiny lightweight magnets that are hardly visible
  • Trim them to fit your eyes and preferences
  • Cost includes one set for each eye (left and right)