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Imagine being able to stick any object onto any surface... Pretty handy, right? Now you can, with the brand new Stick & Support!

Stick & Supports work far better than double-sided sticky pads, as they don’t stop sticking after just a few uses! The Stick & Support can be moved around again and again for as long as you like, and will never lose its grip!

1 pack contains 3 supports

Ideal for holding your GPS while you drive, securing children’s plates to the table, or even for hanging your keys in the hallway.

Why you need the Stick and Support:

#1 Patented technology and guaranteed innovation

The Stick and Support is reliable, durable, malleable and most importantly, versatile – you can stick it to absolutely any surface! With its patented and innovative technology, the Stick and Support is guaranteed to be effective every time. Its design makes it perfectly suited to the style of your home!

Bonus! You can even use it to remove dust and animal hairs from your clothes!

#2 Stick anything anywhere

The Stick & Support is so thin and malleable that it sticks perfectly to any surface, even if the surface is unusual or uneven.

For example, you’ll have no trouble attaching a GoPro to your skateboard – the camera won’t budge. The material used for the Stick & Support means that your devices will always be safe.


#3 Recyclable and reusable material

Because the environment is important, the Stick & Support is designed to be completely recyclable! On the other hand, this support can be reused forever thanks to its super sticky formula. It can be washed with lukewarm water in the blink of an eye; to dry it, just leave it on one side to dry.

Things you can secure with the innovative Stick & Support: Keys, chargers, cables, phones, tablets (ideal for following a recipe in the kitchen!), cameras, GPS devices.