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Product description

Product name: cervical vertebra therapy instrument
Power supply: 3VDC30MA(2 knots 7 battery)
Equipment safety category: BF type application part
Packing box size: 220*200*60*mm
Time: 15 minutes
The 3D smart stainless steel patch works in sync with the strip physiotherapy patch
Electric pulse simulation:
1. Relaxation of massage mode
2. fire-pot mode
3. scraping mode
4. hammer stroke mode
5. acupuncture mode
6. massage mode
Product Brief
streamlined design of composite ring body physiological curvature of cervical vertebra by cervical massage physiotherapy instrument
using low frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, traction three-in-one multi-channel physiotherapy ring to form a highly efficient compound energy field, direct human deep tissue and bone marrow.
In the course of physical therapy, the correct physiological posture has been maintained, which provides a scientific platform for the correct physical therapy of cervical spondylosis.
Make your home a relaxing, efficient and enjoyable multi - function system that allows you to enjoy more value!
Main structure of product;
The physiotherapy instrument is mainly composed of a host (ring type), a conductive pole, a gel paster, an inserting wire and a magnet.
Product scope;
It can promote the local blood circulation, relax the local muscles, and achieve the purpose of diminishing inflammation, swelling, relieving pain and elim

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - aesthetic science,effectively promote local blood circulation.
  • THREE-IN-ONE - low frequency electric pulse,magnetic effects and annular traction,synchronous treatment.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE - Using the latest 3D Intelligent laminating technology, relieving your neck pain.
  • FAST RELIEF FROM NECK PAIN - Built in multiple magnets,and the magnets can help relieve stress 
  • SIX MODES - Three kinds of automatic combined physical therapy model and three kinds of manual physical therapy model