Genius Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Genius Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Brand new Brush Cleaner Will remove makeup quickly, simply and effectively and provide a complete cleaning process quickly and easy to use.

* Cleans and Dries Brushes in Seconds
* Stops build up of Bacteria
* Help's Avoid Spots, Skin Abscesses, Infection and Cold Sores



* Device ( Cleans and Dries Brushes In Seconds)
* Glass Cleaning Bowl
* 8 x Silicone Collars ( Different Sizes to Suit All Brushes)
* Collar Stand
* Instruction Booklet


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great, this is awesome to have this product

Great,this is awesome to have this product.I was so excited purchasing this and here it is. Arrived to my place in a well good packaging.All the item inside was in good condition.I been looking this a bit awhile.As a make up lover like me,and doing the cleaning of my make up tools manually is wasting to much time for drying and cleaning. This product helps me a lot it not a time consuming,and it dry very quick,and works perfectly and fast, and comes out very clean.It is very easy to use,and have the instructions on how properly use this product.And the best thing of this is it cleans deeply onto the brush that all the sticky and oily and powdery that stocked to brush will comes out perfectly​ mostly the bacteria inside. Germs Free!! I really love how it works and really helpful no more worries and I will continue using this. What a great products. I will surely recommend this to all make up lovers. More power to the people make this.. Awesomeness

This machine has been super helpful to me since I got it

This machine has been super helpful to me since I got it. Before it would take me forever to clean my brushes, and then 24 more hours for them to lay out to dry. Since I use many different layers of makeup, I end up getting a ton of them dirty. Now I can wash and dry them in under a minute and they are ready to go. I am so excited about this, it enables me to always have clean brushes!


This is amazing! Its so easy to use. This brush cleaner cleans and dries my brushes completely in seconds. I was able to clean any size brush. I put a dime size amount of brush cleaner amd enough water in the bowl to cover half of the bristles. This is great and caused no damage to my brushes. This is nice quality . Nothing had a weird smell. I am amazed at how fantastic this works! I highly recommend! I love it!

Good cleaning device for make up brush

I have been using the same brushes for years, i love them and dont want to change them, needed something good to clean them.

I found this little machine online, decided to try it and its awesome, its like deep cleaning for bruses,

They are like new now, ready to get dirty again :)

works great for me very clean

This brush cleaner is amazing and great quality. It works really well and very easy to use. It gets all of my brushes very clean.